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For more information about Outpatient PICC Line Placement, please contact Liz Goodman, BSN, RN at 903.577.6199


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Outpatient PICC Line Placement

TRMC offers a very specialized program known as PICC Line Placement and Management. PICC stands for peripherally inserted central catheter. It is a central line inserted in a vein in the upper arm with the tip terminating in a location of the central venous circulation of the chest (superior vena cava).  It can be used for blood draws, vesicant drug delivery, nutritional support, and other intravenous fluids.  It provides a reliable device to deliver infusates without multiple peripheral restarts. This device is intended for one week to one year of therapy.

Services provided include:

  • Insertion of PICC or midline catheters
  • Cathflo declotting procedure; all central vascular access devices
  • Dressing changes and removal of all central venous access devices
  • Blood collection for lab from all types of central venous access devices 

Benefits of PICC Line Placement include:

  • Insertion is done conveniently at the bedside by a nurse and does not require a surgical procedure
  • The insertion procedure can be done in the outpatient setting
  • Eliminates the risk of pinch-off, pneumothorax,  hemothorax, and air embolism
  • Can be utilized on patients regardless of  immunosuppression or INR, in most cases
  • Provides a reliable device for patients with poor venous access
  • Easily removed after therapy by a nurse
  • Provides a reliable non-invasive device for blood draws
  • Can usually be scheduled within 24 hrs. to provide immediate use
  • Offers an option for early dismissal from the hospital setting and allows patient to be at home during infusion therapy with monitored nursing care